AC Drive Repairing & Service

Our AC Drive Repairing services are fast and effective, helping you restore your operations quickly and very fast. Our certified service engineers can provide both on-site Ac Drives repair and workshop repair services, supported by our extensive stock of genuine parts. Our skilled professionals are well-versed in the drives of major manufacturers and can offer AC and DC drive repair to any business. Shipping is fast and allows us to offer repair services worldwide. We have In-house repair facilities from experts, so we keep knowledgeable and well-trained technicians on staff to handle anything you can throw at us.

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Working Process

Requirement Analysis

First we consult with the client & understand the requirement. Sometimes we physically visit the site & understand the requirements.


After successfully understanding the client’s requirement, we prepared the things that we needed to complete this project.


After reaching at the site, We start servicing or maintenance of the product as per our planning. We always believe in providing a quality service.


When the maintenance is done, We always inspect
the total project from start to end. If we find any error we fix immediately.

Scope of Work & Includes

  • Gasket Replacement

  • General Modifications

  • Fitting protective devices
  • Oven Drying of Windings

  • Oil Testing

  • Vacuum and pressure testing

  • Oil Filtering

  • Megger Test

  • Insulation Resistance

  • Polarity Testing

  • Dielectric Loss Analysis

  • Ratio Check

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