APFC Panel

APFC Panel

A smart approach towards reducing electricity bill charges along with eliminating Power Factor penalty is to go in for APFC (Automatic Power Factor Correction) panel. Lower Power Factor is caused mainly by inductive loads (such as induction motors) which require reactive (kVAr) power to produce magnetic fields Primarily consisting of capacitor banks and contactors for addition / removal of the required KVAr to system so as to improve Power Factor, is what APFC panels do. An APFC relay automatically switched the capacitor banks ON or OFF based on the actual working load, thereby providing required KVAr and maintaining the power factor close to unity. We here at OHM Electro System offer you modular as well as non-compartmental construction of APFC panels. We can also provide reactors for protecting the capacitors from the harmful effect of harmonics, if necessary.
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Technical Data


Phase Three Phase
Frequency 50 Hz
ConstructionType Modular & Fixed Type
Materia Sheet Metal
Rated Current Upto 6300 Amps
Operational Voltage 110V/230V/415V AC
Rated Insulation 1000 V
Rated Service Voltage 690V AC
Short Time Current 50 KA for 1 sec., 105KA Peak
Ambient Temperature 45 ℃
Degree of Protection IP42, 54, 55, 65 as per Custom Requirement
Form of Separation Upto 3B/4B (Optional Type 5)
Type Tested for Short Time Current withstand Temperature Rise Degree of Protection
Bus Bar Aluminium or Copper
Ref. Standard IEC60439-1&2, IS:8623
Feeder Configuration Drawout or Fixed, Extendable Type



Dairy Industry

Plastic industry

Refrigeration Plants

Chemical Plants

Food Processing


Operational Voltage

We can customize the panel by required operational Voltage.

Ampere Capacity

We can customize the panel by required Ampere Capacity.

Degree of Protection

We can customize the panel by required Degree of Protection.


We can customize the panel by required Frequency.

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